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Snesboy said:
Watching Thunderball and I loved it. Until the end when the underwater fight sequence went on forever. I was ready for the movie to be finished at the 1 hour 45 minute mark and there was still another half hour.

Everything up to that point was impressive. I loved the story. The jokes were on point (my fav was when Bond grew 6 inches XD) and the pacing was very well done. More things I loved:

Eyepatch guy
His cute lil sharks
Stealing nukes
Q and his gadgets
Bond and his stupid one liners

Now on to the bad parts:

Many "nighttime" scenes were shot during the day and had a dark filter placed over them. This was especially prevalent when the Disco Volante or whatever it was called was driving away near the end of the movie before the underwater fight sequence.

During the underwater fight sequence, the editor re-used multiple shots of Bond swimming around and taking out baddies. By the time the scene ended, Bond had taken out at least twice as many baddies as there were when they started the scene.

There were also a lot of jump cuts during the same sequence and all throughout the climax,

And of course, who could forget the ending? The fight goes on forever and then the movie just ends. I don't think there was any dialogue for at least twenty minutes.

And now for trivia:

CARS ARE CARS ALL OVER THE WORLD: The Astin Martin DB5 makes a triumphant return after Goldfinger (I didn't see that one though). It looks awesome. There isn't a car chase sequence though. Too bad. (at least from what I remember)

Best Bond girl: Domino. Hot AF

Number of girls Bond slept with: 4

- Domino
- The chick who worked for SPECTRE and died on the bed
- The rehab chick outside of London
- I can't remember the last one but I know there's one more.

All in all, the ending kills this movie and it's just too long.


Hey dude, did you leave a score for Goldfinger? Sorry if I missed it!