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Darwinianevolution said:
Ok, I've left Thunderball marinate for a while now. It's not as good as Goldfinger at its best, but it's not as bad as... Goldfinger at its worst (dammit Goldfinger). The demostration on how SPECTRE takes the nuke is the highlight of the show, with the underwater fight at the end being a close second. The characters are quite clever: SPECTRE looks like a legitimate threat by pulling such a heist flawlesly and ruthlessly, and Bond using his wits as much as his fists is a really nice thing to see (Bond figuring out where the henchmen was using the recording was a thing of beauty). With that said, the big bad guy was not that bright, the "why don't you just shoot him?" conundrum being a constant here. Plus, is it just me, or does SPECTRE ask for very little for two atomic bombs? I know inflation was a thing, but 100 million dollars seems too little, even back then. The cost of organizing the hit probably cost that already. And why not sell them to the soviets for more? The setting is a bit on the lazy side, too. While Nassau seems fine, we've seen tropical landscapes and locations before in Dr. No, so it doesn't help this movie to stand out.

Overall, this is a solid 6.5/10. A good movie overall. A couple more scenes like the recording scene would have made this film much better, but as it is, it's fine.

But really, what happened to the second bomb?

I'm going to mark this as a 6, since we're not doing half points. Sound good?