curl-6 said:
DonFerrari said:

Don't blame the engine. It isn't a poor engine, and Pug gave you Days Gone and others as examples of games with much higher graphics done on UE4.

It was simply a design choice and probably corner cutting decision to save money. And if fans of the game are happy with the result and the game sold well they have little reason to worry. But I won't agree that this game couldn't have been made on 1080p60fps on PS4 without losing the rest of the effects.

Sorry, but that's just not realistic; if it runs at 900p/30fps in actuality, there is simply no way the headroom is there for it to hit 1080p/60fps in its current form.

The fact is, just because something looks cartoony, doesn't mean it's not demanding on the hardware. If it wasn't demanding, there wouldn't be any need for "corner cutting" as getting a non-demanding game to 1080p on PS4 isn't costly in the first place.

There is no headroom because it was poorly made, simple as that. If you have games that are more intense, have higher IQ and can get 1080p and or 60fps, then it is clear this game could as well. I haven't said anything about the current form, because obviously if it could in the current form it would.

Yes sure being cartoony doesn't automatically make it light. But comparing it to other games (photorealistic or not) I don't see anything technically outstanding in this game.

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