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xl-klaudkil said:
Lol at the one who thinks sony's exclusives are not better.
Lol at the one who talks about original games,nothing is original anymore.
Lol at the one who dismisses hundreds of awesome indie games, there still games ya know.
Lol at the one who really believes the ps3 library is better then ps4.

Advice for that person ,go play more games

All 3 systems that are selling right now, Xbox one, Switch and Ps4, have only a couple of “original” titles, but it’s understandable. 

what is also true is that there are a LOT of games for the 3 systems, In my case I never liked Nintendo games, but my wife does, possibly because they are too Casual, that’s why we have a lite. Xbox one X is for 4K movies and yeah I used my PS4 a lot this gen. 

The PS4 is bigger and better than ps3’s library in part because all of the remasters/remakes. But also the quality in first party games increased extremely, that’s why they are selling so well.