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konnichiwa said:
VAMatt said:
How is it a scam? Is Activision telling people something different than the reality here? I see no evidence of that.

At this point, everyone understands (or, should understand) how loot boxes work. We also understand that these games have to make money somehow. Activision isn't forcing anyone to play, and they damn sure aren't forcing people to spend $150 to get some stupid in-game crap. Acti is monetizing their game in a way that entices people to spend money, just like every successful business in the history of mankind has done. But, they aren't forcing anyone to do anything, and (from what I can see) they aren't lying to anyone about how the games makes money. So, there's really nothing to see here.

If someone spends hundreds of dollars in a video game to buy skins and weapon crates, they should take a look in the mirror and think about why they're being so irresponsible with their money. People need to take responsibility for their own poor choices.

To make it simple.  if it says you have a 20% chance to win an epic skin....> 20 people spin 10 times and nobody got it with their first 8 spins but all got it around 9/10th spin the 20% chance seems to be a lie and rigged.

Seems extremely unlikely to be the case.  Activision knows how sensitive everyone is to loot boxes right now, so they'd have to be pretty stupid to think they could get away with lying about the odds.  

But, if that's true, they're clearly guilty of fraud.  They'll also be facing a class action lawsuit in short order.  These two factors make it even less likely that they're lying though.  They know they'd get caught if they did.