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CoD Mobile has just been exposed by a bunch of Youtubers who have done some research on the chances of the drop rates for the prises advertised.

It is known that if you wanted to win the top prises you will need to spend a minimal of $150 dollars.

Example below.

Its claimed to win a Epic (Purple) item in the Loot box it has a 42% chance to land on an Epic (Purple) space however.. that 42% has been divided into 4 items which 2 are the least popular while the other two are the most popular. The two items that everyone wants which is the Halloween Skin and Halloween AK-47 only have a 1% chance to drop where as the Weapons Crate and XP boost have the 20% chance to drop.

Each time you spin the price value goes up from 40CP to 10000CP. This forces gamers to buy CP points from the store and leads them into spinning up to 8 to 10 times to win the prises they want.. and instead it makes the price of those items cost about $150 once they have spent enough money in the game store.

So instead of labelling the Epic items that gamers really want in a different category, they placed them in the purple category making gamers believe that they have a high chance on winning them, instead it deceives them with only a 1% chance is utter ridiculous. Its scummy marketing at its worst. 

I have linked accouple videos below explaining more in detail.

Angry Joe