peachbuggy said:
Amnesia said:

I have made this mistake for a while before someone here teaches me...They don't sell +0.8-1.5 millions at every quarters, they do a stock adjustment. Sometimes the shipment is inferior to the sold quantity because they had to adjust down the stock. This same person here told me that the sellers who directly influence this "transiting stock", try to keep their own stock around 8 times the weekly sales in average. So for a 250000 per week tendency, this would make a global 2 millions. At the last financial result there was a theoritical 1,6 millions in stock, so it is really safe to bet that this 1,6 will be increased, but maybe not until 2,7.

It seems recognized today that the Lite is a little fail considering the numbers of the 4 first weeks, maybe they won't ship as many as Lite as planned to prepare the Q3.

Pretty sure I understand this too. Shipped>sold usually unless the previous month has been overshipped. My original estimation was based on this, so roughly 3.41m (sold) + 1.6m in transit, so roughly 5m shipped. Maybe that's a little optimistic though.

But you don't add this 1,6 to the last quarter quantity...You only add the adjustment of this 1,6.

So if the transit stock varies from 1,6 to 2,2 M eventually, you add only 0,6 M.

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