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I didn't enjoy my first attempt at playing the Witcher 3, myself. I could tell it was an ambitious game and something that I wanted to enjoy, but it wasn't until I played on PC and at a reasonable difficulty level that I got hooked. I was playing either on Death March or the one right before it, and a lot of the encounters required multiple attempts, and the load times on the OG PS4 meant that I would hit a wall where I would spend far too much time quick saving and reloading that intended.

I generally play games at a high difficulty because I like difficult games, but while some games are rewarding in their difficulty, I do not not think Witcher 3 is one of them; Witcher 3 plays best when you aren't struggling to progress, as it's far more spectacular in it's storytelling and atmosphere than it's combat and character progression.

I still haven't beaten the game yet, as I spent so much time doing side quests that I got burnt out before completing it (which isn't to say anything bad about the game itself, as Persona 5 and Skyrim comes to mind as great games that I never finished but still sunk 100s of hours into as well).

What I really like about Witcher 3 is the setting. I love the world so much, and the characters are hilarious and very well executed.