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I think N64 had the best local multiplayer until the Wii came along. Games like Warioware Smooth Moves, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Just Dance redefined the idea of “party game” and took local multiplayer to levels not seen before; and those were just some of the front runners. There was also a significant rise in co-op multiplayer (Lego games, Mario Galaxy, Monster Hunter, and New Super Mario Bros), while the competitive gaming experiences remained: updates of Smash, Mario Party, various sports games (Wii Sports, Mario and Sonic, Tiger Woods, etc...), and more FPSs than any Nintendo consoles to that point.

That said, I think the Switch is on track to beat the Wii. It’s lacking in some fields (it doesn’t have a robust party game lineup) but co-op and competitive multiplayer games have had nice updates - Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and the upcoming Animal Crossing game (local co-op on handhelds only to this point).

Not to mention DS and 3DS also outclassed the N64 for local multiplayer IMO. I think Dragon Quest 9 might have been the first local multiplayer game I exceeded 100 hours on for one save (and I ultimate passed 250). Not to mention each had 8 player Mario Kart (Switch can do up to 8 or 12 depending on if you have a dock or WiFi present). There’s also Pokémon coming to the Switch. Splatoon, Fortnight, and Overwatch. Etc... Switch is on a roll.

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