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Mbolibombo said:
Intrinsic said:

The question is will it do 100M in under 6yrs.

And of the PS4 and Switch who got to 40M/50M first.


  • 40M at roughly 30 months on the market
  • 50M at roughly 37 months on the market


  • 36.87M at 28 months on the market - Will likely be at 41-42M shipped at 31 months on the market, depending on how large the Lite shipment were
  • 50M shipped might just happen at 34 months on the market, and sell through very likely at more than 50M on 37 months in to it's life. Lead will change when ever there's a holiday upcoming.

So.. sellthrough.. 40M probably PS4, 50M probably Switch. I'd say. 100M is just too far away to look at right now :P But safe bet would be PS4 since it has had a tremendously long peak.

great info..

I would give 100M to the switch though. It got to $199 faster than the PS4. There still isn't a $199 model PS4. Then again you never know, as you said it's still too early to call.