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Dulfite said:
curl-6 said:

Worth noting this is the week the new taxes came into effect in Japan, which is why Switch dropped so much. PS4 sales were halved too, but half is a smaller drop when you're selling 24k than when you're selling 190k.

What is this tax thing I keep hearing about?

From the 1st of Octobre, Japan increased a consumer tax, from 8 to 10%. This is directly an increase of 2% in every video games product...Or only for the eshop, this is not fully clear to me. Anyway, it has been a long time I had not brought the stock topic here, the share value has taken a strong hit from this, it has been now decreasing for a while because of the combinaison of these 3 events :

- Lite sales not reaching 300.000 at launch, even if we know these is completly stupid.

- The drif issue because some people spread the rumor that the stick was exactly the same but actually no one with serious qualification has really demonstrated it

- and to finish this tax. Last time, years ago still, when japan increased this tax from 5 to 8%, the whole economy of Japan has been stunned for half a year.

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