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HollyGamer said:
Chrkeller said:

Because I have played the Witcher 3 on my ps4 and I have seen gameplay videos of the Switch version...  I was able to do my own comparison and form my own independent thoughts.  The latter part of my post maybe confusing, let me know if you require any additional assistance.    

For the record I don't own any ports on the Switch and prefer games on my ps4 for the better graphics.  So your defensive nature is even more baffling.  

Btw  i don't care what is your preferable platform, because this thread discussing about the videos. 

Great.  Then back on topic, given the limitations of the Switch, crazy great port.  Witcher 3 pushes the ps4 Pro, even being able to run the Witcher 3 (much less fitting it onto a cart) is impressive.  

Frankly you seem bent out of shape because people aren't running into your precious thread trashing the Switch.