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If you have a Switch with CFW on it you can play this right now, and after about an hour of play I have to say I'm utterly amazed at the quality of the port, the models of the characters , both main and npc are really outstanding for the Switch, foiliage , world geometry and water effects have all been hit pretty hard, but then on the flip side they seem to have if anything made sure that lighting and shadows survived the porting fantastically well so in places which look sort of rough you can find amazing light shafts down through forest area's to kinda hide what would be some low res assets on the trees and bushes, it's an absolute feat to play, Frame rate wise, honestly I only played this for a small while on the PS4 very early on and I recall the frame rate being something which I noticed a bit on that system (but that was before DLC packs and such landed along with patches galore, so it could be better now) but my point is, that I think that while graphically this version looks clearly like someone has gone into the settings and beat some of the settings to beyond low (big bodies of water look rough) it has to be said, that performance wise, this version is very solid, cutscenes with 4+ people seem to dip down into the 20 region when stuff gets up close, but the character models look so nice that it's very forgivable. Also... this is that game which people always bought up when ports came to Switch, First it was "well... it will get X360 ports, but you'll never see any PS4 games on it" then it became "well... it got X PS4 game, but you'll never see games like Witcher 3 on it" what is it now guys? "Well it got Witcher 3 on it...... but you....'ll .... never ... see... RING ADVENTURE LOOKS BAD!"

Really just blown away by the quality of the port, can't wait for my Cartridge of it arrives next week sometime, that will be the icing on the cake, to have all that Witcher 3 goodness all on one complete cart, while I did download this to see it, I'm obviously supporting this as well! :o it deserves a vote with the wallet imo.

Some screen shots going in here after I post this because first post failed with no error message (thankfully had ctrl C the text because... yeah this site is just completely unstable this week)

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