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Barozi said:

Well it's also on PS3 and Xbox 360 so I'm not surprised it runs well on Switch.
But that's the thing, it looks like a 7th gen game that was ported to current gen hardware. It doesn't look like a current gen game that was ported to last gen (e.g. Rise of the Tomb Raider). Even Sniper Elite 4 which is quite a big step up from Sniper Elite 3 from a technical perspective barely looks current gen. Rebellion just doesn't have the budget to keep up, so their games always look a bit outdated.

Ahem, "not only holding up very well in terms of graphics, but arguably better in terms of framerate with a mostly locked 30fps cap as opposed to the unlocked and unstable framerate on PS4/Xbone" so by your logic, this mean ps4/xbox 1 have only last gen power?

Last edited by HoangNhatAnh - on 13 October 2019