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Conina said:
COKTOE said:
Close to launch, but not launch day. I'm not dealing with long lines, standing around people who are laying face-down in filth on the sidewalk, then a switch is flipped and it's waves of onrushing savages.

Is this still a thing? Just preorder it on Amazon (or some other online shop) and let it deliver to your home at launch day.

The last time I left the house for a console launch was 2006 when I picked up my preordered Wii... and even then I didn't have to wait in the store (or in front of the store).

Sure it's still a thing. The Switch is the most recent major console release, and there were threads posted here that showed loooong lines of people waiting to buy one at various retail outlets. In fact, I'm quite sure I even made the same, or similar "face down in filth" quip as part of my comment in those threads. And also in PS4 threads of a similar nature. Because I'm a fuckin' piece of repeatin' shit.

I'm sure such scenarios will be lessened by the continued rise of Amazon, but I bet they still happen with the PS5.

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