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TheMisterManGuy said:

The Point is that there's no reason for Nintendo to change their business model because as the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Nintendo has relied on its premium, yet affordable pricing model for decades, ever since its first console. Why is there any reason to change that significantly now? Because everyone else is doing it? Nintendo lives or dies by how good their software makes their hardware look. If people keep buying Smash Bros. with a Switch, what good would it do to slash the price not even a year later?

I'm arguing about this from a business perspective. There's little financial gain in Nintendo doing heavy price drops for their games in a short time frame when it's been proven time and time again, they'll still get just as much sales from keeping them full price over a longer period of time. Again, just look at the NPD results and other international charts. Nintendo games from 2-3 years ago still regularly chart in high positions.

Well your point is irrelevant then, I never said anything about whether or not they should maximize profits, only that they aren't when you said they were.

From a business perspective ok but why? You don't work for Nintendo so you gain nothing by defending them, in fact you only stand to lose. I used to defend Pokemon, and then we got Pokemon Let's Go. Criticizing is always better than defending, that's how stuff improves and gets better.