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TheMisterManGuy said:

Nintendo has always been fairly profit-driven. But not really in a scummy EA or Activision sense (well, for the most part anyway). They prefer to instead maximize profits by offering a steady string of quality games for various audiences, exclusive to premium priced platforms that are sold for profit. It's why they're able to make so much money, even when they don't dabble in the less-than-favorable industry trends. Their business model allows for quality and creativity, while also ensuring tons of revenue generated. It's also why Nintendo rarely puts their games on sale in huge amounts. You buy Nintendo platforms, for Nintendo games, and if those games are devalued too much, then people won't buy them long term. It's best to keep them as fresh in people's minds as possible, so that there will always be a marketable lineup of software built-in. To Nintendo, Super Mario Odyssey is as new now as it was back in 2017, so it makes sense to keep selling at full price if people keep buying a Switch for it.

It's not instead of, it's in addition to the upfront price for owning the game. Not doing lootboxes and microtransactions only means they're losing out on money compared to selling games that have these schemes. Also Nintendo isn't guilt free of additional monetization. While late, they hopped onto the dlc, paid online, and toys to life bandwagons. That's why I fear it's inevitable that they'll join the lootbox/microtransaction party as well. Mario Kart Tour could very well be a sign of what's to come.

Also, are you saying people are less inclined to buy a game once it's made cheaper, lol what!? There's no good reason why a consumer would want Nintendo to keep prices high, so do you work for Nintendo? If so I want Pikmin 4! xD