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Realistically if Sega were to make a Saturn Mini they would announce it 2 weeks after it came out, it would have no games until about 4 weeks after launch and the only connection it would have would be S-Video ... and I mean only, there would be no controller ports or power port, just one S-Video connection with no instructions as to what to do with it.

Look I still have my Sega Saturn and it was a funny console... but not good, not in any department, it has a handful of fighting games and Sega Rally, that's about it really, those house of the dead games were coolish but they're lost with the advent of modern monitors, you simply can't use a tradition light gun on a flat panel display or else you end up with something like that PS3 Time Crisis which tried to use motion controls to tell the gun where it was pointing, simply put they don't work now and won't work on most HD TV's.

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