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It's been over 10 years since I last played MS Flight simulator X, which came out in 2006! I've always been a fan of flight simulator and a new release meant upgrading my PC. The death of MS flight simulator also meant me abandoning PC as my primary platform.

Looking at my screenshots, it didn't look that bad for a 2006 title

Look at those frame rates though and it was only 1280x1024. Cities were pretty ugly with only a few buildings modeled while the frame rate would go below 10 fps. By the time the next one comes out it's been almost 15 years, it should look better!

Real time weather was already in FSX. Flying around the world was a great way to discover things I never knew existed like a giant lake in Africa. It will be fun to fly around the world again, depending on how well my laptop with GTX 1060 can handle it. The SSD should help alot anyway. The biggest problem with fsx was setting the target frame rate low enough so the game had enough time to load and generate the next part of the landscape or you would fly into flat untextured nothingness.