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Of the ones I've played...

1. BOTW (One of the best games I've ever played for reasons I've repeated ad nauseum) 

2. Ocarina of Time (A true epic, the Lord of the Rings of video games)

3. Twilight Princess (A moody and dramatic adventure that brought Zelda back to what made it great)

4. Skyward Sword (A little bit muddled, but great use of motion controls and some of the best dungeons in the series)

5. Link to the Past (Good, but blemished a bit by some awkward limitations like not being able to attack diagonally)

6. Wind Waker (Ugly, boring twaddle)

7. Majora's Mask (The three day gimmick makes it unplayable to me)

Last edited by curl-6 - on 09 October 2019

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