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Watched Dr. No on Saturday.

It's kind of a perfect baseline for the series. It's not great, but it's solid all around. I really like the grounded storyline and the slow-burn detective work in the first act. Connery is immediately perfect in the role.

Once they get to Crab Key, things sputter for a while--the movie just works better when its dealing with espionage as opposed to action--but it picks up with the introduction of Dr No. Wiseman is really great as the titular villain; so much that I wish he had more screen time. The back and forth between Bond and No is especially good, with No controlling the room and Bond trying in vain to bait him. There's a line that I never paid attention to until this rewatch:

"Unfortunately, I misjudged you. You are just a stupid policeman."

This captures the character well, even if it's meant as an insult. Bond IS a stupid policeman, in the best way possible.