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SvennoJ said:
I guess I have no nostalgia for the era of ugly early 3D, I'm too old. It's plain ugly.

Oot with BOTW graphics is a bit better

Eh. I obviously don’t have the knowledge and skill to do what the guy did so props to him for creating this, but it looks pretty terrible to me. Even when not comparing it to anything I’d say it looks pretty lifeless, lacks detail (or is unbalanced in detail), bad textures especially on rock walls and the movement of the water. It also looks kind of plasticy or unnaturally lit though this could be an Unreal thing since I’ve noticed this more often in Unreal powered projects. I’m not really a fan of the Unreal 4 look in general.

The redone Majora’s Mask intro trailer from some years ago remains by far the best Zelda fan project.