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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
i hope the new face brings back conferences, this is why i dont give a fuck about this dude, we dont had a conference in ages and now we have this shit nintendo model of announcing games.

I do like conferences even if we can get all info segregatted and watch trailers on YT.

SpokenTruth said:
DonFerrari said:

Sure you can ask for sources on the first. But the second one is quite obvious, if a big chunky of your team is made of unqualified people that were hired based on things other than skill/experience (1st point) then it is expected that the result will be worse than having a qualified team.

I highly doubt you can find documentation that proves they hired staff purely for diversity value at the absolute expense of skill/experience.

Perhaps he can or can't, who knows, there may be some devs spilling the beans on those forum that are to complain about the company you work at.

But we have seem several cases of company talking about diversity being more important than the skill/experience, because skill they could build and experience they would accumulate there. We even had a case in VGC of a user showing he got throw away from an interview because he replied to a question of if he thought diversity was more important than experience and he replied "company should hire whoever is more qualified". And we had a big discussion on VGC on how much value the diversity would bring to the team that made it more important than the knowledge.

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