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mZuzek said:

Erm... okay, I guess.

Does Star Fox count as dormant? It had a new game recently, but its future is still very much in doubt. If so, I'd really want a new one, developed by Platinum again, except without Nintendo or Miyamoto's intervention this time. Astral Chain was my first "true" Platinum game and while playing it I came to realize how awesome a Star Fox game made by them could be, if only they could actually make it their own way and put their own creativity on it instead of being forced to work on some gimmicky shit. Ideally I'd want it as a sequel to Zero, effectively officializing that as a reboot and ignoring all the other games (and especially, characters) that came before it.

If it doesn't count, well, it's gotta be F-Zero. I'm not necessarily a huge fan of the series, having only played the SNES one, but it's a cool IP and it's depressing that it ended up like this.

I want Platinum to do it too. I feel like they were limited to making a SF game from the past. Here's what I want.

1) at least 20 hour campaign.

2) Free movement in all directions. No train ride.

3) Art style enhanced by graphics like Astral Chain and Xenoblade. Nothing about Zero looked good to me really.

4) An ambitious plot, not something stupid and simple.

5) Have dark moments. The originals were great cause you could feel the weight ofclouds dad dying. You also didn't know if Falcons would turn out to be an enemy.