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This a fun undertaking, though I wouldn't have the time for such an amount of movies. I also don't have Skyfall and Spectre (have all the others on DVD or Blue Ray, which would be a hassle), nor does Netflix stream any (here at least), so I'm afraid I can't partake.

As for the poll, tough question. Every Bond had their ups and downs. Connery is iconic, but I liked the newer movies more. Casino Royale is my favorite. Also liked GoldenEye and Skyfall. Of the classic movies I'd say The Spy Who Loved Me is my favorite. Also liked Goldfinger and Moonraker as sort of a guilty pleasure because it makes no sense at all. Getting back to Bond himself like I said all have their ups and downs so it's pretty close, but maybe for a highest average I'd actually pick Pierce Brosnan.