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sethnintendo said:
rodrigobmg said:
I guess the main problem is how big will be the game, in the Wii/DS era the game were simpler than nowadays, so now the time your team will spend doing modelling, arts, concepts and a lot of other small things take a very long time to be done, even reusing assets from previous games.

PS: I beg sorry about my english.

I think they are using the same assets for new Animal Crossing that they had on that Amiibo Festival "game" on the Wii U yet it still gets delayed.  They must have gone too ambitious with the online allowing 8 players probably pushed their team to the limit.

Perhaps, but the process of making a game takes too long. I work with games, and the effort to make something goods is too high. Isn't a excuse for Nintendo though, since they have been in this area for years. 

Last edited by rodrigobmg - on 04 October 2019