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Is it just me or does anyone else believe that they can push out more titles per year than their current rate?

How come Nintendo can't match their output during the Wii/DS era when their teams were split up between two systems.  They pushed out so many new IPs during that era along with their main IPs that it just doesn't ever feel the same.  Sure some of it was shovelware but decent amount of the IPs were fresh and actually decent games.

How the fuck does it take 8 years to make another mainline Animal Crossing?  Where are all the new IPs like they did with Endless Ocean, Battalian Wars (yea I know it was on GC first but only played 2), Excite Truck/Bots, etc?  Where the fuck is Advance Wars?  F-Zero? (I know F-Zero wasn't on Wii/DS but if they can make Fire Emblem a hit then surely F-Zero deserves another go) Sure they don't need Nintendo published game for every month but it seems like there should be more.  I still haven't even purchased a Switch yet and might not till next spring.

Is it really that difficult making a game than it was 10 years ago when you only have one system to support? 

edit- I'm looking for more mid tier games and not 3-5 year development time blockbuster "AAA" titles. 

Last edited by sethnintendo - on 04 October 2019