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Welcome to the James Bond Rewatch!

We will be watching all 24 of the canon James Bond movies ahead of the 25th film: No Time to Die.

The rules are simple. We will watch one movie per weekend and discuss it -- how good/bad it is, how the rewatch compares to your first viewing, how it ranks within the larger Bond universe, etc.

I've reserved the second post in this thread for the timeline. If you fall behind, don't worry! You can play catch up or just watch the movies you want.

The third post is saved for our rankings. After each rewatch weekend, I'll ask for a score from each of you, and log it in the table below. Then we can look at the averages once we get to April 2020. For your score, please use solid numbers 1-10/10. No decimal points, please.

That's it for now! Thanks for participating!

Last edited by Veknoid_Outcast - on 03 October 2019