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I had been on the fence about game pass since launch. But, the Xbox live upgrade deal convince me. I bought 36 months of Xbox live, and upgraded it to game pass ultimate for $1. It's really a great deal.

Now that I've signed up, I find it to be a truly excellent service. I really haven't had as much time to play as I would have liked, but I still see it that's awesome to have access to all those games. Combined with Xbox live and the four free games a month, a game pass ultimate subscriber well basically have a catalog of a few hundred games to play at any time. I hope from Microsoft sake that they really push this service hard with the launch of next-gen. giving people the upgrades now certainly helps to lock in current Xbox people for next generation. You're not going to jump to PlayStation if you have a subscription to game pass. But, they also need it to bring new people into the Xbox family. If they market it right, I think it can happen.