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I'm Super, thanks for asking!

The first "Super" GPU entered the Steam survey... the RTX 2070S. I would have expected to see the RTX 2060S first, but that will show up probably next month.

Still no Navi cards to be seen, but strangely a second RX 580 appeared (2048SP). According to Tom' Hardware, this is the Chinese version of the RX 570:,37933.html

An additional chart for VR-fans: 40% of the PCs in the Steam hardware survey are now VR-compatible.

1.08% of the surveyed PCs already have a VR-headset connected... very slowly climbing but nonetheless still climbing every month. And with the Oculus Quest getting PC-compatible I hope to see the number climbing much faster in the future.

Last edited by Conina - on 03 October 2019