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Ganoncrotch said:
Chrkeller said:
Yeah, I am beating a dead horse, but I echo Ganon's post above. Replacements are cheap and super easy. And a huge improvement. It is so worth the time/effort/cost.

Or even get one of these

and replace your right joycon altogether with a Hori version complete with proper D-pad (no wireless or motion control in this though, but beautiful dpad and very strong stick)

Good idea. I'll do you one better though.

Pretty much impossible to break it since there's not a tiny Joycon stick in it. Comfortable as hell for your hands too!

Edit: No rumble in these though, and no internal batteries. I guess they run off the Switch battery instead of internal Joycon batteries. 

Last edited by Cerebralbore101 - on 02 October 2019