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JRPGfan said:
Chrkeller said:

A matter of personal tastes.  I find that entire ps4 list to be awful.  On the flip side Astral, Luigi, Link's, Fire Emblem and Pokemon are all on my list.  Last for the ps4 I was happy with God of War and Spiderman.  Both were superb.  And if we are going to count third party, add Ori and Dragon Quest Definitive to the list.  

I ll give you Ori, since thats on Switch and not on PS4.
Dragon Quest XI  looks and runs better on the PS4..... its like 99% the same game (that one's a wash, since its on both).

Yeah tastes probably does factor into it.

A lot of it for me is having younger kids at home.  So anything kid friendly is just a better option, because I can play it with (and in front of the kids) and having younger kids has me in a space of preferring more light hearted games.  Having said that, Ghost looks amazing for the ps4.  I am beyond excited on that one.