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I had never heard this referred to as "drift" until the recent debacle with the Joy cons. I'm assuming this means to have loose joysticks? Does the joystick being loose cause it to give false, "wobbly" input at it's neutral position? Does it cause it's ability to fully extend in any given direction to diminish? I'm curious about this because I have always felt that the Switch joy sticks were subpar. They are very small, with a small range of motion, so it never felt as satisfying to use as any other modern controller.

I bought my Switch on launch day, and since then have bought a second set of Joy Cons and a pro controller. None of my controllers have any issues so far.

I felt like Nintendo had a major issue during the Gamecube's lifespan, but I don't know if it ever became a big deal. By the end of the Gamecube gen, I think I had five controllers, and the first three of those controllers all had very loose joysticks (to the extent that many games were unplayable). The last two controllers did not suffer from that issue, and based on my observations, I concluded that Nintendo fixed the issue with later controller revisions. The joysticks became loose relatively quickly, too. Within months there would be noticeable wobble, and after a year or two they became unusable.