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Quodam_Diem said:
I will add a point that only recently realised. Forgive me, If anyone else mentioned it before. Just look at the logo. What you see. The name Wii with a U in a blue frame (excuse me for the word, I couldn't know how to express it more acccurately) shown as an... exponent. Why, please tell me why. How will the customer understand that we speak about a whole new console when even the logo is designed to indicate that we talk about something which is a little more than a regular Wii. If xbox360 had the same logo, it would give the customers the same impression. The same with any other name for any other console. Even GBA SP had the SP with capital letters. You will say that this maybe a detail, but is it really? What I want to say is that the logo of Wii U was very insufficient and disorienting to support a new console. What do you think?

I did talk about the name and bad marketing. But the point you make about the logo is a very valid one, that I don't think has been brought up yet . It did serve to aid in costumer confusion.