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Cerebralbore101 said:
SammyGiireal said:

My point remains valid, the Wii U failed as a home console in part because it was released in 2012 with out dated hardware. At 300-350 dollars  no one in their right mind was going to support the system knowing that the PS4 and Xbox One were around the corner. It is a valid point when even Metro's developer stated they wouldnt make ports for it because the CPU was terrible.  

Power isn't the only reason the Wii U failed but it is one of the reasons it did. That is one of my points. It proved true.

How about at $200-$250, more Wiimote controls, and no gamepad? Would it still have failed due to lack of power? 

It might have sold a little better, you solved the price issue by removing the controller. But the power issue, lack of killer apps, and lack of third party support remain. Nintendo was successful with the Wii, but even the Wii had run its course by the start of the decade.  Without the controller and a 199 dollar price point we might have seen sales in the 20-25 mill range.