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People mention the XBO and PS4 but they don't even have to do that. Ask yourself, aside from the Game Pad, what did the Wii U do better than PS3 and Xbox 360?

-Better online?
-Did have the DLC that other versions of games got (Call of Duty or Batman Arkham Origins for example)
-Did it have better software library in any way shape or form?
-Did games run better on the Wii U?
-Did it have better multimedia abilities like Blu Ray or DVD?
-Was it cheaper?
-Did it even have acceptable onboard storage?

Consoles like the Switch or the Wii had things about them to make them appealing compared to their high powered competion. The portable consoles had price, library, Pokemon, battery life, etc. What did the Wii U have to make anyone want to buy it over the competition? A "U Draw" peripheral?

Twitter: @d21lewis