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padib said:
SammyGiireal said:

The sin wasn't on third parties, they will go wherever the money is. The sin is on Nintendo. They launched an over priced, out dated console into the market without a first party killer app so no one bought the system. 3rd parties won't jump into a system with a low installed base.

It doesn't work that way SammyGiireal. The point I was challenging is that the Wii U failed due to lack of processing power. I gave you a counter-example: the handhelds. To defend your point, you need to defend the point, not bring up one that is irrelevant.

I'll clarify:

Step 1) One of your points/ideas: Nintendo Wii U was not powerful enough and so did not attract 3rd party support.

Step 2) My challenge: That is not true because Nintendo succeeded on a weak, handheld line.

Step 3 - Pass) Your answer: [Must contain logic pertaining to the point I mentioned].

Step 3 - Fail) Your answer: [Contains logic pertaining to a point I didn't mention regarding a good first party launch title].

My point remains valid, the Wii U failed as a home console in part because it was released in 2012 with out dated hardware. At 300-350 dollars  no one in their right mind was going to support the system knowing that the PS4 and Xbox One were around the corner. It is a valid point when even Metro's developer stated they wouldnt make ports for it because the CPU was terrible.  

Power isn't the only reason the Wii U failed but it is one of the reasons it did. That is one of my points. It proved true.