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super_etecoon said:
Thanks for sharing, Jaicee. Visiting these keystone moments in our lives, and especially our childhoods, is always a mystical journey. It's funny how you can look back on a single summer, for instance, that seemed like an entire lifetime. And as we recollect on it it even seems to continue to exist in this other place and can be revisited just the way you remember it. I do love that we grew up in a time where phones were mostly attached to walls and cords, and distances truly meant something. And just hanging out with a friend was enough. You were there entertainment and they were yours and if you were enjoying something you were enjoying it together. Nowadays when you're hanging out with someone you know they're constantly in another place, whether waiting for a certain text, an email, the news, or whatever. I myself struggle with "being here now" for the people I care about. It just seemed so much easier then...or maybe that's just revisionist fantasy. Who knows.

To be honest with you, I often feel the same way about the role of technology today in my own life. It feels like it's taken over too much. I split my own concentration way more often than I used to for sure.