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tsogud said:
Leave the Wii U alone! She was trying her best!

Not sure why it has a gender now... but it had a hard start.
Nintendo messed up the design, because of bad design choices.

Spending 180$ out of 300$ on a tablet controller, leaves you with 120$ for the actual hardware.
It resulted in a really poor price vs performance (value) for the device.
It was too weak, and released too late, and too close to the newer consoles.

Nintendo is out of cycle with generations (vs the other two), and the Wii U was just a perfect storm of everything going wrong, and bad timeing.
Then even nintendos 1st party wasnt as good as normal (basically "she wasnt even trying her best").

Nintendo also realised at some point there was no saveing it, and then just choose to abandon it.
Add onto the fact that basically everything the Wii U had that was good, has been ported to the Switch.... yeah.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 27 September 2019