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Chrkeller said:

Name was confusing and the price was too high for the power. The Gamepad reportedly was $150, so consumers were being asked to pay $300 for a $150 console. It would have been one thing had the Gamepad provided any real benefit, but it didn't. I love Nintendo, and the Wii U was my least favorite home console, with ease. The Wii was better.  If the Gamepad were dropped, and the money savings added to the power of the system, with the addition of calling it Wii HD...  I think it would have done just fine.

Nintendo charged $112 for replacement gamepads in Japan. I remember reading somewhere else that it cost Nintendo $90 to manufacture a gamepad. So if a regular controller costs $20 to make then the gamepad added $70-$80 to the price of the Wii U, depending on Nintendo's desired profit margin on consoles.