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Metacritic: 90 (32 Reviews)

Opencritic: 91 (23 Reviews)

Some Reviews

Eurogamer - Recommended

A suite of enhancements help bring the virtues of this staunchly traditional RPG into focus.

Hobby Consolas - 95

Even if it is mostly the same game we had on the PS4 and PC, it still shines and the abundant new content maintains its freshness. And even if its visuals do not reach what we saw on the other versions (which is logical), it gets close and it is an adaptation with great merit for the Switch.

Areajugones - 90

Square Enix has decided to make the definitive version of an immediate classic out of something that, at the outset, may have looked like a simple adapted portable option: in this case we will find tenths of hours of gameplay, a magnificent turn based battle system and a whole new way to play the game in the West: the 2D mode, which will make nostalgics fall in love once again.

TheSixthAxis - 80

Dragon Quest XI is already an incredible JRPG, but this massively updated Switch release makes it almost mandatory. With new outfits, new quests, an entirely new 2D mode and a huge range of quality of life improvements, it's easy to consider this the best version of the game to play. The only thing holding it back from earning that title are some unfortunate visual and performance issues. A handy patch can fix the latter, but really the only reason not to prefer this version is if pristine graphics are your highest priority.


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