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CaptainExplosion said:
Dulfite said:

I don't think it will be. I don't think Nintendo wanted to make ANY mobile games, but they are tired of stockholders harassing upper management about it, so they finally decided to cave a little. Don't they usually have other companies handle these games? If so, I don't think the development of these "games" is going to slow down any AA or AAA games coming out. Plus it will get those trolling shareholders off their backs.

Shareholders really are, as I've said before, a bunch of suits who don't give a shit about games, and now they're making things worse for the rest of us.

Seriously! Have you read the transcripts of questions shareholders ask the upper Nintendo management? I wouldn't be able to hold a straight face through many of those! I remember one year there was a guy basically telling them they should stop making video games. Like what on Earth is Nintendo supposed to do then lol?