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Bandorr said:
SpokenTruth said:

There are dozens of reasons the Wi-Fi could be crap.  I'll walk you through some options in a moment.

Can you test your PS4 speeds using the browser rather than the PSN speed test?  PSN is notorious for overhead and other issues that grossly limit your rated bandwidth.

Are you using the on board NIC or an add in card on your PC?  If on board, what is the model of the motherboard?

OK, Wi-Fi.

2.4 or 5 Ghz?
B, G, N, AC, AD?  For N, AC and AD, is Legacy enabled?
Apartment or house?
Any other wireless transmitters nearby?  Microwave?  Cordless home phone?  Bluetooth devices?

Was trying to wait until tomorrow thinking something was up with my PS4.  Its max Mbps is 20 right now. That is both on speed test, and the website.

Fairly sure it is a built in NIC that came with the computer. I believe the model is an Aurora-R3. Network Adapter is REaltek PCIe GbE Family Controller. Updated to the most recent driver. Local connection says it is getting 1.0 Gbps. The "speed and duplex" of the advanced properties of the adapter does have 1.0 Gbps Full Duplex as an option.

Both. As far as I can tell the router doesn't give me a choice between the two. It just decides to assign whatever to whichever.

House. Have a wifi extender down the hall. Microwave is in the kitchen so kinda close but not too close. Same for cordless home.

"B, G, N, AC, AD?  For N, AC and AD, is Legacy enabled?" that's over my head. While I know what you are referring to generally as in relation to 801 - I don't know how to check any of it.

Ganoncrotch said:
@Bandorr There's a free app you can get for android called Wifi Analyzer, you could install that and fire it up you get a very good visual representation of the wifi networks around you, they should all fall into the channels of 1 - 6 or 11 if using the 2.4ghz network but if you open that and see that your network and every other network in your area are all wallowing in the 1 channel but there's nothing on channel 11 for exp just go into your routers wifi setting and find the channel setting and change it over to the one which was least busy in the wifi analysis, note that while you can pick any channel number you should only use 1-6-11 for wifi etiquette sake as those channels when used do not overlap each other.

If you are connected to your hotspot using 2.4ghz wifi btw your max speed there would be in the region of 50MBps as that is a limitation of 2.4ghz wifi, while you can get faster speeds on 5.0mhz the range of that frequency is less than that of 2.4 so a lot of devices can just default to using the 2.4ghz as a standard especially if they're moving back and forth from the router, if you really want great wifi you could look into getting something like a unifi wifi AP for your house/apartment, those things are monsters for getting great signal in a large building.

Those are some serious pieces of kit but you won't get a better wifi AP in my opinion.

I don't have an android but I think I can borrow one. Shouldn't have channel issues. Only two houses close and that aren't even that close. At least a "backyards" distance. but I'll check.

I forgot that max Mbps is a thing. MBps is different them Mbps though right? 50 MBps is 400 mbps. I'm not getting 400 Mbps, I'm getting 40 Mbps.

If the B is ever upper case then it's talking about a Megabyte as in when a movie is 700MB, the lower case b is a Megabit which is 1/8th of a Megabyte no storage ever really measures things in Mb, ISP's tend to sell stuff using Mb because it sounds like it's 8 times more when all it does most of the time is cause confusion that people aren't getting their full speeds.

If you're living away from others though wifi conjestion isn't going to be your major issue.

One thing I would say though, is that you're talking about the Switch at a point, you know that the Switch has a notoriously bad Wifi adapter in it, but there are things you can get to stick into the dock to connect a normal ethernet cable into the dock so you can get faster speeds when docked (if you're playing an online game when you drop the Switch into the dock it will remain on wifi until you close that game and reopen it, the symbol for Wired network is completely different up near the battery so you can tell that way) but the Switch is awesome for being able to use standard usb ethernet adapters, Nintendo did really well with how 3rd party peripherals work so easily with the Switch.

Something like this from UGreen is what I use.

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