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pikashoe said:
Dulfite said:

The last direct was bad. Looks like this month is a bust for everyone.

The last direct was decent, your definitely in the minority with that opinion.

Maybe I am, but I don't understand how. Let's look at the new announcements:

1) SNES is coming to Switch - Cool, this should have been day 1 of subscription service. I hate NES games and therefore never really played those. But they didn't even release some of my favorite SNES games on this yet. By now we should have at least N64 games. This was a yawn announcement to me.

2) Smash Character - Some random character from some random game from a LOOOOONG time ago, as opposed to a legendary character or someone relavent today, is announced. They could have picked a hundred more characters than Terry Bogard that would have been far less redundant and more exciting to this generation of players. This was more annoying than boring.

3) Overwatch on Switch - We already knew this coming. Why it wasn't released a LONG time ago I have no clue, but that isn't Nintendo's fault and I will be buying this. Cool, but not shocking due to the leaks.

4) Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - I guess re-releasing it once wasn't enough, now they are doing it again. And this one, being in HD, means a great deal more effort is going to go into it rather than the 3ds de-mastering magic, which means more develops away from new games.

5) Animal Crossing "new footage" - This was literally the same footage as in E3, or at least most of it. Huge letdown for me. I wanted to see NEW things!

6) Pokemon - WOW. They showed us how we can pet our Pokemon and how we can COOK FOOD OMGSH! Terribly boring.

7) Deadly Premonition: Origins - Cool, out of no where, but I doubt many will care and this will probably not sell much. I had forgotten about it until just now.

8) Super Kirby Clash - Free to state? BOO! Available now? COOL! No story or campaign, and instead is just Monster Hunter -level boring quests? Sad.

9) Little Town Hero - We didn't know much about Town before this, and I was excited. Now? Not so much. This moved me from instant buy day one to potentially never going to buy.

10) LM3 Multiplayer - This was cool. LM already looked great and now looks better.

11) Ports and Remasters: Return of Obra Dinn (never heard of it), Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore a remaster (the title alone is annoying enough to pronounce that I won't buy this game, not to mention it looks to be unappealing to me), Divinity Original Sin 2 (cool), Doom 64 (cool), Jedi Outcast (um... what?!), and ASS Creed Rebel Collection (Great, but played last generation on Wii U, at least Black Flags).

I just didn't have a good opinion of hardly any specifics for this direct, which is hardly like me. I normally LOVE their directs, but this one just felt terrible to me. One of their worst ever in my opinion.