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@Bandorr There's a free app you can get for android called Wifi Analyzer, you could install that and fire it up you get a very good visual representation of the wifi networks around you, they should all fall into the channels of 1 - 6 or 11 if using the 2.4ghz network but if you open that and see that your network and every other network in your area are all wallowing in the 1 channel but there's nothing on channel 11 for exp just go into your routers wifi setting and find the channel setting and change it over to the one which was least busy in the wifi analysis, note that while you can pick any channel number you should only use 1-6-11 for wifi etiquette sake as those channels when used do not overlap each other.

If you are connected to your hotspot using 2.4ghz wifi btw your max speed there would be in the region of 50MBps as that is a limitation of 2.4ghz wifi, while you can get faster speeds on 5.0mhz the range of that frequency is less than that of 2.4 so a lot of devices can just default to using the 2.4ghz as a standard especially if they're moving back and forth from the router, if you really want great wifi you could look into getting something like a unifi wifi AP for your house/apartment, those things are monsters for getting great signal in a large building.

Those are some serious pieces of kit but you won't get a better wifi AP in my opinion.

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