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Bandorr said:
Metallox said:

Have you rebooted and/or pressed the reset button on the router? Can the PC support the gig?

Verizon uses network terminals to provide the signal of all services. Not really sure how it works with your provider, but maybe you have something similar tp Verizon's and it isn't compatible with that speed?

EDIT: Just read where you mention you allegedly are receiving what you're paying for. At AT&T they're going to tell you it's either the Ethernet cable or the PC. You could try with another router, though. 

I think the PS4 can receive a gig.   At least it should get over 350.  Can consoles receive a gig? My PS4 is hooked up right next to my PC so I've been using that to test it also.

I've rebooted/pressed the button/unplugged it several times now.

I got a cat 7 cable (it was quite a bit cheaper than cat 6) but my speed dropped down to double digits. So I stopped using that cord. I may try it again.

The PS4 can receive a gig, but very rarely have I heard of someone getting the full coverage. Usually people have their PC running up to 900 just fine but their PS4 goes anywhere between 50 and 200. That's what I hear, at least. The apps running on the PS4 and Sony's network, environmental factors, as well as the users' premises, are on fault.