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"up to" is one of the most important parts of their offer of any speed of broadband, that number can be impacted by loads of things from wiring in the house, the devices, the weather, the time of the day, if the person at your ISP hates you, that kinda thing.

You could run a few tracert's to various well know sites and make sure that the networking side of things outside of your control are all in order, if you see 30 jumps to get to for example you've got issues. If you're unsure of what I mean here, press the Windows key, type CMD then type tracert and watch how your internet jumps about to get to the site. It is natural to see information about the hops only until it passes a device which declines to pass on the full detailed info but even here in my work net which passes through about 3 proxies to get out to the internet  getting to takes 17 hops

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