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outlawauron said:
twintail said:

They did say at the last one there was another to come. And there has been a lot of Sony news since.

Hardly quiet at all

Eh, I don't agree. The most noteworthy items had nothing to do with any big games or future plans. Sony purchasing Insomniac is big news, but that was the end of the news. I just looked through news again, and there hasn't been anything of note since the last State of Play in May (unless you consider MediEval going Gold noteworthy). Nothing at E3, Gamescom, PGW, PAX, or TGS. KojiPro has released some news about Death Stranding, but none of that is Sony. 

Sony is funding Death Stranding, and they have an Exclusive deal with Square-Enix for Final Fantasy VII Remastered. These have been two of the more highlighted upcoming games over the last couple months/events. 

I was getting irritated with them last year, for a lack of news, and a very arrogant attitude, but they have really turned things around this year. The 1st two State of Plays delivered plenty I am interested in, and the Wired PS5 reveal was also well played. Sony has actually done a very nice job this year of putting out news. I really like the new format of delivering news in a stand alone period, while letting the media and trade shows offer deeper dives. Going forward, I hope they continue the almost perfect cadenice of news they have had this year. 

Now regaurding this SoP. 

TLOUPII is now confirmed by Naughty Dog! Looking like this will follow the same trend we have seen from the previous SoP's, with Media getting a further look at what is shown, allowing info to continue to realease over a multiple days/weeks period. 

I am hoping we hear more about Iron Man VR (my most anticipated game of the year). 

Curious to see if they talk about PS Now with Stadia and xCloud looming. Jim Ryan said they would be adding to the service and highlighting it more this fall. PS Now for Android and iOS would be a big deal in the streaming space. 

Exciting times, I look forward to next Tuesday.

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