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twintail said:
outlawauron said:
I was starting to think that Sony was going to abandon the initiative. While the previous weren't great, they certainly weren't complete failures. Hopefully the gap in them means they'll have some good things to show, because they've been incredibly quiet for too long.

They did say at the last one there was another to come. And there has been a lot of Sony news since.

Hardly quiet at all

Eh, I don't agree. The most noteworthy items had nothing to do with any big games or future plans. Sony purchasing Insomniac is big news, but that was the end of the news. I just looked through news again, and there hasn't been anything of note since the last State of Play in May (unless you consider MediEval going Gold noteworthy). Nothing at E3, Gamescom, PGW, PAX, or TGS. KojiPro has released some news about Death Stranding, but none of that is Sony. 

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