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Chrkeller said:
Sarkar said:

There’s a difference between making products and making art. If you don’t know the distinction then idk what to say.

My wife is an artist.  I can assure you she would rather sell millions than win an award in combination with poor sales. 

And games that win awards don't always sell, so there isn't a direct correlation.  Do the awards help a bit in terms of free marketing and advertisements, sure.  But not enough to warrant making awards a high priority when developing a product.  As already pointed out, Spider-man (and Horizon) didn't win many awards...  but sold lights out.  I would also question how many people, outside core gamers, even pay attention to awards.  And core gamers buy most AAA games anyway.  Most people I know couldn't even begin to name what won GotY last year.  Heck I don't even remember. 

And let's face it, videogames are a product with artistic elements....  but it is still a product.          

I didn’t mean they’d rather have an award than good sales. I was talking from the perspective of the developer not the publisher. I already said TC’s suggestion is ridiculous. Sony at this point has enough teams to be putting out atleast 3 big games a year. There’s no sense in holding back releases they gotta put them out at some point.

besides if they didn’t release God of War last year, RDR2 would’ve won anyway.